Thursday, November 29, 2007

In case you're wondering...

I'm sick...yup. I promise not to give it to you over the computer. I either got it shopping or from the many people around me that are also sick. But, don't tell my mom, okay! Even though I'm an adult, I still fear telling my mother when I'm sick...first she'll say: "I can't believe you're sick, I thought I told you to keep your hands clean and use that hand sanitizer I gave you..."

That I can handle, but then she starts in about what I need to do about it, which includes her famous cold remedy..."why don't you gargle with hot salt know that will do the trick." Will it mom?!? It's sweet, but I think me being sick stresses her out, when it should be stressing me out. But, I'll let on like I've done the whole salt water thing...have you ever tried that, it's the worst! Well, I hope to be up and running (more like shuffling) maybe by tomorrow or Sat.... Do me a favor, don't get sick! Stay in, do some online shopping and avoid people, okay!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The moment you've all been waiting for...

Catherine from Mill Valley, CA is the winner of the Domino Decorating here to see more images from this lovely room on the Domino website! What a contest, huh? So much talent!!!

"Modern Establishment"

If you open up this month's issue of California Home + Design you will be whisked away to the Traina home off Mulholland Drive, designed by Marjorie Skouras, whom you may know from her lovely coral lighting collection. A home with several personalities all working cohesively under one full of life and color.

An eclectic living room as you can see...

The dining room walls are covered in green velvet...

What a fun lil' child's guest room...

And for the adult guest's this room is comfy and inviting...

Showcasing the "her" to the his-and-her Master the touch of pink!

Monday, November 26, 2007

There's still time

Yes, it's true...but hurry. You can still get those perfect Holiday cards and send them off on time. While browsing I came across several great options, a few I thought I would share with you below...

I think this Kate Spade card sums it up :) I am hoping to send these out this season, if I can get it together. Find these cards at

Make sure your card get's noticed :) These "Joy" cards from Crane & Co. are available at

"Partridge in a Pear Tree" cards available at

"Merry Giraffe" cards available at

"Flurry of Doves" cards available at

Glad to be back from Thanksgiving. Hope you all had a wonderful time, that is if you were on Holiday! Now starts the mad rush to get everything done in time for the next one :)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Give thanks!!!

Just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to you all! I will be traveling up North for the Holiday...yup just another sucker to add to the freeway congestion :) Hope you are have a wonderful weekend and I'll see you when I return. Oh, and don't forget to give thanks and maybe try and eat some ham :)

Monday, November 19, 2007

Yellow Fever...

I think I can officially say that yellow is my "most" favorite color...Okay, I know just about every time I talk about "a" color, I say that it's my favorite. But, this time I mean it! It's just so dang happy! Lately I find myself subconsciously gravitating towards this color... taking over my life...but in a good way.

I would even eat yellow, and possibly this whole cake that's how bad. I'm not alone though, Patricia Gray is as infatuated with this color as much as I am...which is probably why she chose this cake to mark her celebratory 100th post...

Still one of my favorite prints...Sunspot Circles and Squares Fabric by Florence Broadhurst. The perfect print to brighten any room available through Woodson and Rummerfield's!

And just because it's winter, doesn't mean "yellow" has to hibernate till spring. I will have this J.Crew coat featured on Laura Loves blog and I will wear it with a big smile on my face like this lady!

Um, I may have to put these on my "wish list" for Christmas...and in case you didn't hear, I'm registered at Bloomingdale's and my ship to address is...but, really Kate Spade's Rutherford Circle tableware in Yellow is to die for!

Kelly Hoppen you are genius! The way you wrapped this vintage chair in head to toe yellow velvet fabric...drives me crazy!!!

I would never drag my feet in these Tory Burch ballet flats...maybe since I've been working so hard, I could treat myself to a online trip to Saks for these babies!

I am crazy for this bed...and this whole room for that matter (featured in Patricia's "I love yellow" post). All I have to say is...Kate Spade, we should hang out!

And the best "yellow" book around...bringing cheer to all available at Barnes & Noble.

Hope you enjoyed my yellow rant :)

And the winnner is...

Nope, too early for the Domino contest winner...but apparently O at Home magazine held a decorating contest for it's readers...and the results are in. Three winner's are featured, but one of them, Kirsten Hollister had some pretty cute ideas for her cute, I couldn't help but think...why hadn't I thought of that?

Take the vintage mirror that she turned in to a message board...okay, I'm going out and doing that tomorrow!

She uses the good 'ol repetition never hurt anybody method on her shelving unit here...

Using a bed as a sofa helps with space...oh, but the footrest was made from an old pillow sham!

A small bedroom sure, but painting horizontal stripes on the walls gives the illusion of a grander space.

There's much more to this home and other winner's homes as well, in the most recent issue of O at Home...but really, that cute 'lil mirror/chalkboard thing sold me!

It's that time of year....

Yup, you know what I'm talking about...the Union Square tree lighting! My favorite time to shop...anytime you can combine a big glowing tree and holiday sales, well you're sure to have fun. It's happening this Friday in case you didn't know, the ceremony begins at 6pm and the tree lights go on at 6:29. If you haven't been, it's worth the trip!

Can you say free...

I've been telling people about the great, "affordable" headboards available at Urban Outfitters of all places, and I just thought I'd share with you about their "free shipping", in case you didn't know...if you were thinking out getting any furniture from U.O., now's the time!

(Regency Headboard - Black Houndstooth, $280)

(Velvet Tufted Headboard - Wheat, $270)

Friday, November 16, 2007

When life gives you lemons....

You squeeze them for stress relief...and then try to save the juice, in order to make spiked lemonade to put in your coffee mug at work (no one will notice). Well, not exactly, but you get the gist. This remodeling thing can really take it's toll...I'm about ready to become a renter again.

So this week we made some great discoveries that I thought I'd share with you in my "remodeling is the pits" segment...

That good idea we had to keep the ugly brown carpet in, to protect the hardwood from our painting...turns out the previous owners didn't care as much as we did!

This is our most recent form of communication...we graffiti our own walls :) Well, not exactly...just the fireplace, which turns out is all brick in case you wondered...thanks hun!

And then cause I've lost the will to care, I almost walked out of the house like this...But, I still think I could have worked it!

**Yup, that's really me...Joni, this pic's for you girl :)**

Thursday, November 15, 2007

I can't believe it's not real...

I came across a fantastic company the other day, Valtekz...a product that looks and feels like the real deal. It's not often, in my industry that you fall in love with a fake, but what a great fake this is!

With a catalogue that boasts many great ideas and installation backing bookcases, or a furniture inlay like above...

And not to mention broad collection of colors and embossed textures...oh, and unlike hides...these fabrics are 54" wide goods! Okay, I hope I don't sound like their spokesperson, I'm just really excited :)

And maybe you'd like some luggage in their signature print for your long getaway...I wish!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Thanks Again!!!

I just wanted to thank Miss Lucy with Lottie Frank Designs for my lovely banner!!! She was great to work with and I can't say enough about her are a few cards available through her etsy store above, oh and of course she also does commissions as well...

Thanks again girl!

On edge...

I'm not one for rustic log cabin like furniture (unless it's the "rare" perfect setting for such), but there is something to be said for a live-edge wood piece juxtaposed against it's opposite in materials, such as the bright white linens above or bold geometric wallpaper like below.

Probably my favorite of the images (live edge combined with David Hicks "Hexagon" wallpaper is a recipe for success), the home of Edward Durell Stone featured in House and Garden magazine, Feb. '06.

The country home of Roland Augustine and family featured in Elle Decor, March '06. This walnut and steel console is by Chris Lehrecke.

A rather large walnut table, made by Mike Fair, featured in O at Home Magazine, Spring '07

A nice touch to against all the stainless steel, this rough edged ash wood shelf is featured in a home designed by Hanrahan Meyers Architects and showcased in Met. Home magazine, June '06.

So fun for a kid's room, almost like sleeping in a tree house, designed by Julia Roth and featured in Elle Decor, Nov. '07

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

To bling or not to bling...

Really, that is the question! It seems today that you can super-size everything...have it in gold, and sprinkle some crystals on top...POUF! Your product is better then the rest...

Take this IPod Shuffle for example in pure gold...

Or this Nespresso "espresso" machine in Swarovski crystals...

So what do you think of this trend? I can think of a few other things that I'd rather spend my money our kitchen remodel which I'm dreading...sending my dog off to be trained by Ceasar Milan...a Hermes blanket...the list goes on...


Just thought I would share some of favorite picks from the most recent additions to Borderline Fabrics...


Zig Zag