Saturday, June 30, 2007

I want it Ebay find

Okay...I'm in love and I don't care what it costs! I found this Mid-Century/Hollywood glam turquoise dresser just now on Ebay and you must check it out! Go here if you are interested (but I may just have to bid on it myself :) Auction ends by tomorrow afternoon....

Friday, June 29, 2007

Child's play be a kid again!!!

I'm running on empty today, but it's I'm really thankful!!! Times like these I think back to being a kid and remember staying out at the playground until sundown pretending not to hear my parents calling me from a far to come back inside.

(Elle Decor/Oct '06)

My mother always had an great eye for design or so I recall back then...every home we lived in, my room was the first on her list to decorate and the last she would finish :) I wish I had pictures to show, but those are all hidden in our overpriced storage unit during our here are some very stylish and creative kid's rooms for you to enjoy instead!

(Elle Decor/Sept. '06)

(House and Garden/Editor's favorites)

(House and Garden/Editor's favorites)

(House and Garden/Editor's favorites)

(House and Garden/Editor's favorites)

**Have a great weekend!!!**

Thursday, June 28, 2007

fall into Pieces...

and you will find some of the most delightful furniture and accessories in my two most favorite colors as of late: yellow and white!

You can check out these and more at their 1st dibs site!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

when the cat's away...

the mice end up using junk mail as gift wrapping (god know's where it is with this remodel going on)...a lovely random gift as a celebration of yet another day in paradise with...yours truly! A glamour girl would expect nothing less from her man.
Note the detail...the handmade bow and 3 dimensional use of the chicken bucket advert :) So funny, I just had to share...

LA charming

In a place where we super-size everything from our burgers, to our surprising these days to find anything that can still keep it real and maintain simplicity and charm!!! When LA designer Kristen Panitch was faced with a "big remodel" due to a growing family, she went about it with a small town feel...making sure they didn't succumb to building just another big house on the block...but approached it rather, with a perfect attitude in which it was "not about making a big house", but rather about making "little rooms and little spaces."

Love the use of blues and creams in this room, esp the coral...

and those Tom Clark floral pillows (atop a Panitch designed sofa) are great too !!!

This 1930's mirror really makes this space (above a Panitch-designed desk)!

(Featured in Elle Decor/ June 2005, photography by Grey Crawford)

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

a "glammed up" affair...

Que es DIFFA? For those that don't know, DIFFA stands for Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS, and is one of the country's largest supporters of direct care for people living with HIV/AIDS, as well as preventative education for those at risk. Every year DIFFA puts on a fundraiser called Dining by Design (presented by Ellle Decor and GE Monogram), which showcases some of the most over the top dining scenes/installations by celebrated designers and corporations we love. Thus creating a night of extravagant dining, in which proceeds from the night go to benefit a really great cause!!!

This event ultimately pushes the creative envelope...each scene so uniquely different from the next (which are all featured in July/August issue of Elle Decor), AND this year they went glam! Well, at least this was the case with Shaver/Melahn Studios and their creation, presented at the New York Design Center...which consisted of white vintage furniture, stunning calligraphy fabric, floating round fluted mirrors...oh and to top it all off a real life glamour girl :)

(Images from Shaver/Melahn Studios website)

Monday, June 25, 2007

White fruit, a decor must have!!!

White fruit...a must have table top accessory, at least that's how it seems these days!!! I'm loving this idea, and have even purchased a few for my home. You can stand them alone, or put them in a bowl, place them atop a few stacked books...honestly the options are endless...

Arteriors offers these white fruits shown here in a set of three (all 5" high)...

or you can buy them individually, in various sizes as well...this pear from Arteriors is 23" tall!

From left to right: White porcelain apple, KleinReid. White apple, Victoria Hagan, Target. (Thank you Toast and Tables for the inspiring post on apple tabletop decor :)

Harry Allen is known for various white ceramics, like this fruit bowl, which I found at Velocity

Banana Bowl by Harry Allen from Velocity

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Raising the bar

It's officially summer, which means it's soon time for the Hampton Designer Showhouse!!!Starting on July 22st, a whole new set of talented designers will unveil their latest and greatest designs to the public, with a gala preview party the night before to kick off the show. Advanced tickets are available, so check the Hampton Designer Showhouse website for details if you are interested. Proceeds from tickets will go to benefit the Southhampton Hospital. The show is set to run until September 2 (I hope to make the tail end this year on a much awaited east coast trip :). Below are some highlights from years past, hope you enjoy.

2006 Showhouse

Jay Jeffers (House & Garden/Oct. 2006)

Healing Barsanti (House & Garden/Oct. 2006)

Michael Rosenberg & Associates (House & Garden/Oct. 2006)

Barclay Butera (House & Garden/Oct. 2006)

2005 Showhouse

Jamie Drake (House & Garden/Oct. 2005)

Alessandra Branca (House & Garden/Oct. 2005)

2004 Showhouse

Barbara Ostrom & Associates (image from

Friday, June 22, 2007

Red barns...

For whatever reason I've been thinking about my roots....Pennsylvania. Although, I haven't spent much time living in any one particular area, but I have dear memories of my home state. It represents a simpler way of living, family picnics, catching fireflies...the list goes on. One thing that I so fondly remember are the Red Barns...everywhere! Many broken down and abandoned long ago, some new with fresh bright red paint...oh and the covered bridges too (that we were so scarred to drive through)! Just wanted to share some images...hope you have a great weekend!!!

(Images from Flickr photosharing)

Thursday, June 21, 2007

I heart bubblewrap!

I really's just so fun! I love to get samples or product in the mail and unwrap them to find a nice fresh sheet of bubble wrap just waiting for me! The contents of the package get tossed aside and I usually go straight to popping..leaving no bubble untouched! So, today I happened to be researching for a project on the net and popping bubbles at the same time (yes, I multi task)... and somehow I came across this funny photo...of what a "glamour girl" might do with bubble wrap and packing peanuts, and I just had to share :)

(Image from

New goods in Chelsea

Metalware designer Michael Aram, whose work has been sold at various boutiques and high-end department stores for quite some time now...has opened his first retail store in Chelsea! His pieces will be featured in a newly restored 19th Century carriage house...keeping intact many of the architectural details, the architect James Harb and Michael created a black backdrop for his pieces to shine and pop off the displays...

Shop located at 136 West 18th Street, NY, NY. Here are some highlights from his various collections sold available at his new retail store and online store as well:

Enchanted Forest side table

Coral Reef large tray

Coral Reef nut bowl

Enchanted Forest candle holders

Bark vases

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

White splendor...

For summer of just because...I'm thinking white! So, if you are familiar with Vicente Wolf, then you understand he is the no stranger to a neutral color palette. Thus, this renovated Greenwich Village apartment designed by Wolf and his associate David Rogal featured in Metropolitan Home magazine is perfect for those seeking "fresh, clean, and liveable" design inspiration.

Although the apartment was left intact as much as possible, Wolf and Rogal removed arched openings and several walls that prevented the "loftlike" feeling they were hoping to achieve with the design.

I love the simplicity of the fireplace and the gray-blue color palette displayed with textiles and paints through out...

The owner wanted a home that was comfortable and could stand the test of time. These ebony hardwood floors and white walls create a neutral backdrop to add and subtract color from, no matter the palette.

My favorite room...I love these chairs and the David Weeks pendant!

With the use of wall to wall mirrors at the vanity, stainless steel tiles and white walls...this master bath takes on a much grander feel!

What's not to love in this room...esp. with the French colonial desk converted to a night stand and a Jonathan Adler white lacquer cube. This large area rug helps ground the floating bed...what a great idea!

(Featured in Metropolitan Home/February 2007, photographs by Vicente Wolf, and article written by Raul Barreneche)