Friday, October 26, 2007

Have a good laugh today...

Thank you Design*Sponge for making my Friday! Yesterday's post on site "Eurobad '74" was just what I needed...a good helping of European interiors gone wrong.

Some aren't so bad...but others, well see for yourself. The pic above is what I would call a case of Kelly green gone wrong...way wrong...but I do like the idea of matching your car to your kitchen (I'm practical, what can I say:)

So, treat yourself today and stop by Design Sponge and Eurobad '74!!!
Happy Friday and Hope you have a great weekend!

2 comments: said...

very nice blog!!!
guess mine looks pretty empty compared...sigh
actually i pretty much like those colours put together in the bathroom...maybe i am just crazy

melissa @ the inspired room said...

Ugh! LOL!