Friday, June 8, 2007

case of the blues

I've got blue on the brain ever since I went about my morning blogging session and checked in on Anna's blog, Absolutely Beautiful Things...and read about her interest in blue and white everything. I love white walls with a pop of colorful art and so here I wanted to feature fun blue paintings that just really make a room. So enjoy!

A joke painting (look up close to read it :)...but I like that it is simple and bold...fits perfectly in this scene. (* Elle Decor/May 2006/Artist Richard Prince*)

I love all the different shades of blue in this room, and how well the rug and painting work together. (* Elle Decor/May 2006/Artist Jason Martin)

My favorite of the blue paintings!! It adds a needed edge to this grand space. (* Elle Decor/May 2006/Artist Joan Mitchell*)

This room is so elegant and I love the idea of this abstract piece with almost a graffiti feel making such a bold jester and switching things up a bit. (* Elle Decor/Sept 2005/Artist Caio Fonseca*)


Lisa said...

Love those chairs in the first picture !! Great pictures!!!

Anna said...

Thanks for the link!