Sunday, June 24, 2007

Raising the bar

It's officially summer, which means it's soon time for the Hampton Designer Showhouse!!!Starting on July 22st, a whole new set of talented designers will unveil their latest and greatest designs to the public, with a gala preview party the night before to kick off the show. Advanced tickets are available, so check the Hampton Designer Showhouse website for details if you are interested. Proceeds from tickets will go to benefit the Southhampton Hospital. The show is set to run until September 2 (I hope to make the tail end this year on a much awaited east coast trip :). Below are some highlights from years past, hope you enjoy.

2006 Showhouse

Jay Jeffers (House & Garden/Oct. 2006)

Healing Barsanti (House & Garden/Oct. 2006)

Michael Rosenberg & Associates (House & Garden/Oct. 2006)

Barclay Butera (House & Garden/Oct. 2006)

2005 Showhouse

Jamie Drake (House & Garden/Oct. 2005)

Alessandra Branca (House & Garden/Oct. 2005)

2004 Showhouse

Barbara Ostrom & Associates (image from


The Peak of Chic said...

I adore the Branca room and the Ostrom room too! Give us a report when you go!

girl meets glamour said...

I knew you'd like that room POC! If it's anything like the SF Showhouse (no pics allowed), but I have a good memory :)

katiedid said...

Always a treat to see this showhouse! Will keep an eye out.

cassandra said...

I have every single one of these rooms in my tear sheets. Amazing! Apparently I must make it to this event!

beachbungalow8 said...

oh i love that branca room. i think that you just answered my query on a fabric that i saw in domino.