Friday, June 29, 2007

Child's play be a kid again!!!

I'm running on empty today, but it's I'm really thankful!!! Times like these I think back to being a kid and remember staying out at the playground until sundown pretending not to hear my parents calling me from a far to come back inside.

(Elle Decor/Oct '06)

My mother always had an great eye for design or so I recall back then...every home we lived in, my room was the first on her list to decorate and the last she would finish :) I wish I had pictures to show, but those are all hidden in our overpriced storage unit during our here are some very stylish and creative kid's rooms for you to enjoy instead!

(Elle Decor/Sept. '06)

(House and Garden/Editor's favorites)

(House and Garden/Editor's favorites)

(House and Garden/Editor's favorites)

(House and Garden/Editor's favorites)

**Have a great weekend!!!**


J Lee said...

i'm with you on this one... i wish i was a kid again!

that first bedroom image is just so pretty. if i had a little girl, that's what i would invision her room to look like :)

enjoy your weekend!

girl meets glamour said...

That's my favorite too Jenn! Thanks and hope you have a great weekend :)

blushing apples said...

i wish i was a kid AGAIN!

style court said...

All great rooms I remember well. Nice choices! Love the top pic to end the week.

girl meets glamour said...

Thanks Style Court!!! Have a great weekend :)

Erica Rose said...

the photo at the top of the entry of the kid playing on the swing is great. do you mind if i save it?