Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Flower power...

Poppy Bowl, Polished Aluminum

It's a floral affair...Michael Aram's new Spring collection is due out in April, and it's got me thinking "bright and shiny" during these grim rainy days!!!

Magnolia Plate, Enamel

Of this collection, Michael had to say: "I imagine myself as a small creature in a garden with these vibrant and electric blossoms towering over me..."

Poppy Bowl/LG, Enamel

Rose Petal, Enamel

A great addition to the recent "floral" trend, these hand-made pieces are exquisite and affordable too! If you're ever in Chelsea pop into Michael Aram's store, or click here to view online...

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**Information/images provided by
Paul Wilmot Communications**


Anonymous said...

These are beautiful. Funny, I was thinking about getting something like your last image to put on my console as a "catch-all" for keys and such. This is just way to pretty for that but sure would look great.

Kati said...

love the colors in the poppy bowl!

girl meets glamour said...

I know, I just love the colors in that bowl too, Kati!!


girl meets glamour said...

I know MM&I, might be a bit too pretty for that purpose...I'm always looking for little boxes and bowls too for the same purpose!!


Auralyn said...

Oh these are SOO beautiful! I love the art deco-art nouveau movement, and they remind me of Tiffany's. Wonderful!