Tuesday, April 8, 2008

All wrapped up!!!

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I'm just crazy about this look...the fact that these two chairs just so happen to be a lovely shade of yellow is great, but what I'm talking about it is their feet...what a look to wrap them up like that. Kelly went with the color coordinated approach (above), but I dig on the multi colored look below too!!

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(Jake Fitzjones Photography)

What do you think, liked the wrapped feet look too??


Laura said...

I don't care very much for the Hoppen foot treatment. The mom and dog owner in me looks at the extra unhemmed fabric wrapped which I am assuming is just glued on and thinks it would be a big mess in no time at all.
The designer in me does like the second chair. It looks as if the wood itself has been painted. Fun!

Anonymous said...

I don't like the fabric treatment on the feet. It sort of looks like the feet were damaged, and instead of refinishing them the owner used scraps of fabric.

Annie said...

Call me old fashioned but I am a little scared of it. I agree that the second chair's foot "wardrobe" is painted but, in my opinion, its still just not quite right. I am a fan of overhauling vintage finds but I think I'll stick to reupholstering and refinishing the usual and leave the reinvention of furniture feet to Kelly.

girl meets glamour said...

Yes that second chair is fun Laura! And I do appreciate your train of thought on Kelly's look!!


tiaraco said...

The second chair is fun - why not?

All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

I'm a wingback girl myself - those these aren't strictly speaking wingback - they're certainly lovely to snuggle up in and feel like you're in a hidey hole :-)

I'm fine with the foot treatment - and the screaming yellow:-) - tho' you probably guessed I'd say that:-)

Mélanie said...

My dad does that very often ! I love the look it gives to an armchair

my little apartment said...

love it!

god, that first chair is done in the exact fabric I'm trying to find to recover my couch!!