Monday, July 30, 2007

It's bath time!!!

Rub a dub...dub!

(Designer Kerry Joyce, featured in Rooms to Inspire book by Annie Kelly)

What is it about white bathtubs that I love so much? Is it that they are just so simple and classic looking...maybe. Is it that they dirty so easy and I love to clean, surely not! What ever the reason I love these tubs...and in my next house (see I'm already thinking about my next house and I haven't even finished the first I the only one that does this?) I will have a white clawfoot tub and that's final!

(Designer Karin Blake, featured in Rooms to Inspire book by Annie Kelly)

(Designer Jacquein Derrey Segura, featured in House Beautiful, July 2007)

(An antique tub featured in Elle Decor, March 2005)

(Designed by William Diamond and Anthony Baratta, featured in Elle Decor, May 2006)

(Designed by Roberto Peregalli, featured in House and Garden, October 2005)

(Designer Melanie Coddington and team, via Desire to Inspire blog)


annechovie said...

I love the Diamond/Baratta tub the best, esp. with the gorgeous blue and circular window above - smashing! I can always count on your blog for great, inspiring posts. I really enjoy your "Favorite Finds" feature, too. I think I could trust you 100% to shop for me! Great taste!

The Peak of Chic said...

I love them all! So clean and pristine looking, which is oh so perfect for the bathroom!

girl meets glamour said...

I love that Diamond/Baratta image too Annechovie! Glad you liked this post and thanks for the kind words :) I would love to be your personal shopper!

girl meets glamour said...

Thanks POC, I agree 100%!

michelle said...

Oh wow! I love that big blue window and I say, there is nothing like chilling in a beautiful tub in a beautiful bathroom, it is the hight of luxury for me.

Suzy said...

I especially love the Kerry Joyce one, it's beautiful. I must say - I do love a good bathtub. And you are most definitely not the only one to start thinking of your next house before finishing the current one! said...

I think the thing I love about all these tubs is that they are so curvy, vivacious and very inviting!!! Every girl should have one.

Sarah Jennings said...

That Kerry Joyce bathroom is so beautiful...I saw it on his website a few months ago. There is something so beautiful about the large mirror behind the tub.

girl meets glamour said...

I know Michelle, I feel the same way. Thanks for the comment and stopping by my blog :)