Thursday, July 19, 2007

an update on weds. post...

It would seem I'm always too quick to hit the publish button when I'm making posts on blogger, and usually I do several edits to my post right after I've published it, because for some reason that makes sense....well on my weds. post I was unable to edit some misinformation after it was published, I've tried several different ways and it just won't show up after it's been posted...and so because I'm not that kind of person to let that we go with the correction!!

(oh and if anybody has any thoughts on why this might have happened or what to do, please email me...thanks!!)

And there's nothing wrong with going floor to ceiling with a print you love, like this room designed by David Cafiero and photographed by Francois Halard room posted today on Desire to Inspire blog.

**Sorry for any confusion!!!**


Diana Coronado said...

And your favorite designer is??

blushing apples said...

did you click POST rather than SAVE NOW (saved as a draft), that may be the problem! and may I add that youre such a perfecionist which is NICE to see :D

Bhavna said...

I am a compulsive post publisher editor too ;-)

I faced the same issue with my blog and found a good tip. Sometimes, you need to clean up your 'temp' folder which stores offline content. What might be happening is that your updated content is actually getting updated on the blog, but you can't view it since your browser is pulling up old content from the temp folder. I tried this and it worked!
[this is a non-tech person trying to give tech advice! ;-)]


style court said...

Kate, you have such a great eye. All the rooms you included in Wednesday's post were so striking. I especially LOVE this one!

girl meets glamour said...

Wow Bhavna!!!! Thanks for the tip...sounds like a good one. I will have to try that out. And thanks for stopping by my blog.

Diana thanks for stopping by my blog.

Thanks for the comment blushing apples...I guess I am a bit of a perfectionist :0

Style court you are so sweet, thanks so much!!!

Cote de Texas said...

Hi = you are probably checking on your posts too quickly. I also am reediting after I post and the new edits take time to show up. After you edit, don't go back to the edit screen, just wait and it will show up eventually. I think. It is SO confusing!!!


girl meets glamour said...

Thanks for the help Joni!!! Hope you had a great weekend :)