Thursday, July 19, 2007

Mon amour pour Chinoiserie...

"What's best about wallpaper is when its got shape to it...I love when wallpaper covers every surface, when it goes around the chimney and has a door cut into it. That's when its not a painting, its decoration - no matter how beautiful it is - and that to me is when wallpaper comes to life!" -- Tim Butcher of Fromental (featured in Dec 05 issue of the World of Interiors)

Fromental was formed back in 2005 by Tim Butcher and Lizzie Deshayes, a husband and wife team, on a mission to be the best in handmade wallcovering!!! From what I can tell...they are well on their way! Headed by Tim, a former Creative Director of the world-renowned Chinoiserie House De Goumay, and wife Lizzie a textile designer and decorative well as an in-house team of artists and a team of over 100 artists working full time in China, where all of their products are manufactured...all I can say is, you better make way for this UK company.

When I spoke with Benjamin from the company he mentioned what in the coming twelve months Fromental will unveil new techniques and stunning designs that will be released on an "extremely bespoke nature." This team is looking at getting into fabrics and fashion as well in the near future..."keeping the idea of one-off individual pieces well and truly alive."

I hope you all enjoy these images! Oh, and check out The Peak of Chic blog for today's post on Chinoiserie prints as well!!

*For more general information on the origins of Chinoiserie check out Wikipedia*

**Thank you Benjamin for providing me with these fantastic images as well as some interesting tid bits about Fromental**


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Are we both in a Chinoiserie state of mind?? I love Fromental paper- the designs are so classic, I don't think one would ever tire of them! Great info!!!

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Very pretty! Its not "in your face" kind of chinoiserie. They look delicate and elegant.