Friday, September 21, 2007

Happy Furday!!!!

(Image via Jelsy's flickr site)

**It's finally fall here and my pup is eager to sneak in a walk to check out the changing scenery before my work day starts. Maybe today we could celebrate our pets for a bit...give them treats, take them to the park...or design them a bedroom for them only, outfitted with toys, beds, faux grass and all. Whatcha say?!?!**

(Designed by Antonia Hutt)

**I just cracked up when I saw this...and I hate to say it, but if I could...I probably would for my pup. It also seconds as a literal dog house, in which your mate can use as a real threat in an argument!**

**Look at the cute little cans of dog food...and they even get a wall that separates them during feeding :)**

Well, it's let's at least celebrate that!!!
Have a great weekend.

(Dog's bedroom images via Met. Home, Oct. '07)


robyn said...

We have 2 bostons, this is a very cute post, have a great weekend. :)

J Lee said...

puppy luv!
i just want to spoil our june (a 1 yr old maltese) to death!


Kara said...

That is such a great idea if you have a couple of dogs!

Sarah Dennis said...

Ok Kate, this is too cute, You've just inspired me...stay tuned!!!

blushing apples said...

love that idea, now if only I had a dog! also I enjoyed your last post on rooms for dogs! ^_^ happy weekend

Anna said...

Very cute! Have a great weekend Kate!