Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Viva Las Nashville!!!

Yup...I'm headed to Nashville for a quick business trip tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to starting my day at 4 am..I've never been, so I don't know what to expect. Most likely I'll return home with a big smile on my face and a pair of crazy cowboy boots that I'll only wear after a few drinks.

Be back in a few days...oh, and let me know if there's anything I absolutely can't miss while I'm there!


Leah said...


Did you see this article from Sunday's New York Times Magazine on the (surprisingly hip and low-key) scene in East Nashville?


Enjoy your trip!


The Peak of Chic said...

Have fun in Nashvegas!!!!

JHAYNE said...

maybe swing by sqft gallery! the ladies (and gentleman) show is up til the 28th.

girl meets glamour said...

Thanks POC!!! I'm up and ready to catch my plane.

I missed that article Leah, I'll have to ask the locals about it.

Oh, and thanks Jhayne, that looks like a great show, I'm going to sneak in a visit :)

Style Court said...

Drive through the Belle Meade neighborhood :)

You know you'll be in Albert Hadley's home state.

Brilliant Asylum said...

Have a great time.

Lisa said...

Hi Girl Meets Glamour:

I really enjoy reading your blog and just read your were heading to NashVegas! So I thought I would try to give you a few suggestions. I just recently moved here myself via Atlanta, thru Charleston, back to Atlanta and now here! Here are a few things I have found so far. I hope you get this in time..

Hermitage Hotel - One of the oldest hotels in Nashville, the downstairs club room is a great place to go for an after-dinner drink. Also, you should check out the art deco men's bathroom. They shot a video in there.

If your in town this Friday evening the Frist Museum will be having it's Frist Friday. It's very similar to High Musuem's Friday Night Jazz. Also, another great Art Deco-inspired building.

If you need a place for dinner you should try German Town Cafe. I was just there, great food and a nice wine selection, and it is located in a hip urban neighborhood. Another nice neighborhood place I would suggest would be Cafe Nonna (Italian cafe).

Next you should check out the The Parthenon located in Centennial Park. The re-creation of statue of Athena.

Head to Artifacts - (224 White bridge Rd) If you love old garden decor.

And if you have time you can always head to historic Franklin where you will find several antique shops. The Iron Gate is a really cute shop located on Main Street.

Hope you get this in time, if not you can always come back. I know easier said then done. I lived in Atlanta for years and never made it here until my husband & I actually moved here. Nashville is a great little town and some say it is what Atlanta was 10 years ago. The drive from Atlanta io Nashville is very beautiful specially this time of year. I'm interested in what the New York Times had to say. My Italian neighbor usually brings me the Times every Sunday but this Sunday was missed. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Enjoy your trip!



Bhavna said...

Have fun Kate! tell us all about it when back!

kari said...

You've already left for Nashville but hope you get to see The Opryland Hotel, it's beautiful inside. Enjoy your trip!

Joanna Goddard said...

fun!! enjoy your trip! joanna

robyn said...

Safe travels, will look forward to your posts next week!

designdna said...

i've just found your blog via an indian summer and i have enjoyed my visit!

if you are ever back in nashville let me know. we have just moved back after a 7 year hiatus.