Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Viva Las Nashville!!!

Yup...I'm headed to Nashville for a quick business trip tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to starting my day at 4 am..I've never been, so I don't know what to expect. Most likely I'll return home with a big smile on my face and a pair of crazy cowboy boots that I'll only wear after a few drinks.

Be back in a few days...oh, and let me know if there's anything I absolutely can't miss while I'm there!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Red & White...oh so nice

Red!!!! I think that's the real reason I love fall...cause then I can start adding red back into my wardrobe. But I think the same principle could be applied to our homes too! I've been drawn to bold rooms with contrasting color, and today I thought I'd share some red and white inspiration...hope you enjoy!

Love this room all together from the Madeline Weinrib zig zag rug..to the Suzani inspired bench fabric from "Dzhambul" from Brunschwig & Fils. (Home of Krista Ewart featured in Domino, June/July '07)

Red and white polka dots...who would have thought. I am in love with the simple white drapery as well with the red trimming. (Designed by Richard Mishaan, featured in Elle Decor, June '07)

This room is head to toe hues of red, combined with a pink wall...and I love it! (Photographed by Eric Piasecki, featured in Blueprint, Sept/Oct. '07)

Glamorous never looked so comfy. Just love this home featured in the Rooms to Inspire book, designed by Martyn Lawrence-Bullard.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Happy Furday!!!!

(Image via Jelsy's flickr site)

**It's finally fall here and my pup is eager to sneak in a walk to check out the changing scenery before my work day starts. Maybe today we could celebrate our pets for a bit...give them treats, take them to the park...or design them a bedroom for them only, outfitted with toys, beds, faux grass and all. Whatcha say?!?!**

(Designed by Antonia Hutt)

**I just cracked up when I saw this...and I hate to say it, but if I could...I probably would for my pup. It also seconds as a literal dog house, in which your mate can use as a real threat in an argument!**

**Look at the cute little cans of dog food...and they even get a wall that separates them during feeding :)**

Well, it's Friday...so let's at least celebrate that!!!
Have a great weekend.

(Dog's bedroom images via Met. Home, Oct. '07)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Even though it's fall...

(Image via Instyle Home, Spring '06)

I say let your arrangements flourish...let them be wild and crazy, with a mind of their own! There was something about these spaces here, that attracted me beyond just the furnishings. So, coming back to them after being tagged...I realize it's the floral/twig-like arrangements that they all have in common. So, I thought I share these with you as some fall inspiration...

(Image via Elle Decor, Sept. '07)

(Image via Met. Home, Sept. '05)

(Image via Elle Decor, Jan/Feb. '07)

(Image via Elle Decor, Dec. '06)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I spy...

(image via Elle Decor, Oct. '07)

Well, it's hard not to spy my most favorite of wallpapers as of late, Osborne and Little's Asuka. See, I've been obsessed since falling in love with the Kate Spade ad below, and then I finally get my Elle Decor in the mail and what do I see, but the fabulous apartment of Michelle Smith and Andrew Oshrin of Milly, decked out head to toe with this same print in their Dining Room! Well, I say now that my obsession is becoming hard to control...

So, a few of weeks back, knowing that this had to be an Osborne and Little print, I emailed the Kate Spade ad into the ladies at the O & L Showroom in SF and said: "what is this, I know this is your print, can you send me one..." And they did, and like always, they are so sweet to include a few extra fabrics and trimmings with it.

I have to say, it's even better in person...perfect scale, perfect yellow...yup, I'm obsessed! Are you too, or is it just me?!?!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

1000 sq. ft never looked so good...

I just rediscovered my San Francisco Style book by Diane Dorrans Saeks recently...I have a feeling as things go to and from the storage unit, I will rediscover a lot of things I thought went missing with our remodel. But, I have always loved the cover of this book...a quaint little Sausalito cottage owned and designed by Stephen Shubel and Woody Biggs. A charmer built after the 1906 earthquake, that is so full of life and personality that I thought I would share it with you...so enjoy!!!

Love this chair fabric with the white piping...

Love the stacked version of storing magazines...

Fun headboard again with the white piping is fab :)

Okay, I think too much reading at bedtime...but love the stacked book idea!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Now he's dressing your table...

(Image via albertopinto.com)

Known for dressing a home from head to toe and now your table, renowned Interior Designer Alberto Pinto has several lines of tableware on the market that will make you head turn. Bright, bold patterns that are easy to mix and match...and I'm just loving them, so here are few that were featured in this month's House and Garden.

Orange Slave

Althea Blue

Rnouveau Russe

Agra Verte

From the Jaipur collection, this is one of my favorites (above)...check out this link here to view more...

Friday, September 14, 2007

Craving a Jan Showers' lamp...

I'm getting my computer back today!!! I'm so happy, I'm tired of feeling like a piece of me is missing..but it's Friday and I thought I sneek in a quick post, in searching for a project...I became familiar with these Jan Showers' lamps and can't seem to get them off my mind :)

Venetian Series #4

Venetian Series #3

Miles Lamp

Happy Friday!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Pick a color, any color....

Okay...my computer is still broke!!! And I feel so lonely with out it...but my hope is soon we will be together and back to our usual...searching, scanning, and blogging :)
But, I always find a way...so I thought I'd post some cottage inspiration before summer is completly over...I'm in Cali (so we're still wearing our shorts and tanks :)

Della Dining Table

Maine Cottage was introduced to me just recently by Katiedid and I love the idea of this company...lots of furniture to choose from, but more so an array of colors to pick from!

Ilka Chair
Bistro Table

Maude outdoor round table

Roly basket

And maybe you're thinking...um, I can do that myself...they offer all 40 colors in spray too!

**Stick with me people, soon I'm my blogging will be back to normal, and thanks for all the support!!**

Monday, September 10, 2007

I'm bummed....

(via talksrealfast's photostream flickr site)

On Friday, my home computer was invaded by a nasty virus...it's been a challenge to combat and I'm not sure when I'll be fully up and running, so needless to say...my posts may be a bit more sporadic then I'd like, so bare with me and wish me luck getting rid of this bug :)

Friday, September 7, 2007

The word on the street...

is that it's Fashion Week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As a tribute to this week, I thought I'd feature a design that demonstrates the close relationship between fashion and interior design, with this glamorous by Grant K. Gibson for the SF Decorator Showcase..featuring classic Dior and Givenchy black dresses on loan from FIDM, and a beautiful Louis writing desk below...

"I wanted to create a space that every woman dreams of, where she would want to linger," says Gibson of his design.

Happy Friday, what a short...and sweet week!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Don't fear the paisley...

really, there is no reason to these days. Once there was a time when even the mention of the word paisley and body would stiffen and I'd have bouts of shortness of breath (I'm over dramatic today just so you know).

Loving this cottage feel, Victoria Hagan's weekend home featured in Elle Decor/Sept. '07

...but now, paisleys are back and better then ever!!! If you don't believe me then check out this selection of hip interiors with paisley prints :) Wouldn't you agree?!?!

A fun vintage paisley print used by Madeline Stuart in Lisa Henson's home, featured in Elle Decor/Jan./Feb. '07

What a sweet little girls room, another design by Stuart in Henson's home

I just have a thing for this Alessandra Branca design from the Hampton's Showhouse back in '05 featured in House and Garden magazine.

A bit of a masculine twist on the print and it works quite well in the bedroom of Christopher Spitzmiller, featured in Elle Decor/Dec. '06

If it's hard to fully commit to upholstery or wallcovering, maybe try a blanket like in Windsor Smith's home featured in Domino/Aug. '07

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I want it now...my ebay finds!

What a fun color...this is the accent piece in a room for sure! I just found this Dorothy Draper chest on ebay here, bidding ends in 4 days and current price is $349...and ending soon

is this pair of vintage yellow Italian glass lamps!!! Auction ends tonight...current bid: $49.99. Check them out here, they may be mine by the end of the day :)